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What Is a Peshtemal?

what is a peshtemal

Maybe this is your first-time hearing about a peshtemal. If that’s the case, welcome!

Due to their soft yet high-absorbency nature and wide assortment of intricate patterns, peshtemals today are used as fashionable cover-ups, beach towels, blankets, throws, and so much more.

Peshtemals are lightweight and fast-drying, making them a great option for outdoor activities. Maybe you’re headed to the gym or hiking and need a towel to throw in your gym bag? Alternatively, maybe you’d like a decorative table cloth? Sky’s the limit in terms of versatility which has allowed this historic cloth to pass the test of time.

Master craftsmanship goes into the creation of each individual towel, made to last a lifetime. One unique aspect to a hand-crafted peshtemal is its tendency to become softer overtime, making it a great investment. Our towels are either hand-loomed or weaved in semi-automatic machines, all with hand-made finishing. No matter the case, an equal amount of care and attention will put into each product.

Peshtemals are also environmental friendly. You’ll end up spending less water, detergent and energy to wash them. From the reusable cotton bags each towel is shipped in, to the low-energy wash cycle recommended the ensure the life of your peshtemal, our products are designed with the environment top of mind.

Lastly, our products are sustainably and ethically made in Hatay and Denizli, Turkish cities rich with history and tradition. In addition, all merchandise is proudly fair trade.

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