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About Me

About Songul

As a young girl growing up in Turkey, I remember my grandmother dyeing her own cotton and yarns. I remember my mother making beautiful embroideries and most of my clothing growing up. I remember street vendors hand-making what seemed to be anything that could be transformed from cotton or fabrics. It felt like everywhere I turned my head, rich textiles were in front of me. It wasn’t until I moved to Los Angeles in my adult years that I yearned for this seemingly integral aspect of my old home and upbringing.

My goal, above all, is to provide high-quality Turkish towels and clothing sourced fairly from trusted craftsmen at affordable prices. This meant that I would buy from places I knew; therefore, all my suppliers are individuals that I have met personally in Turkey—all masters of their craft. And because I was able to meet them, I have hand-picked every design and even collaborated on specific pieces like the Abundance Throw Blanket.

I started off with a stand in a local farmer’s market. Engaging with my customers was a facet of my new career journey that I instantly clicked with. Sharing the stories behind my products and connecting with them on that level was a wonderfully enriching experience for myself and my clientele, as they kept coming back! As my customer base kept growing, moving operations online was instinctive.

I felt like as part of moving online, I wanted to facilitate the same buying experience as if you were to come to my stand at the farmer’s market—conversational and friendly. That’s why you’ll notice on all my products a “Seller’s Note” which are all the additional ways I like to use or style each item. These are all products I believe in and I know you will too.

If you’d like to get up-to-date on the most recent drops and restocks, follow our Instagram. I hope you enjoy our products as much as I do!