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How do I care for my Turkish towel?

How do I care for my Turkish towel? 

Caring for our towels may seem daunting for first-time users however, most of or towels are machine washable with the exception of a couple. For any towels that need to be hand-washed, I like to either bring in my towel into the shower or soak it in some tepid, soapy water. 

Here’s a few of my tips on cleaning:

  1. Before the first wash, tighten the knots on the fringes.
  2. If you plan on using the towel as a beach or shower wrap, you can soak it in cold water overnight. This is totally optional but it’ll help make your towel more absorbent.
  3. If the towel is machine washer-safe, make sure you set your machine to a gentle cycle. Avoid bleach, fabric softener and dyer sheets. The towels will naturally get softer after each wash so using these harsh cleaners isn’t necessary!
  4. Hang them to dry once they’re clean—this shouldn’t take long at all. If you’re in a rush and need the towel in a snap, you can throw it in the dryer on a tumble dry
  5. No need for ironing if you follow these steps.

Quick note— if your towel has the term “Pre-washed” next to it, that means that on receiving you delivery, the towel is clean, ironed and ready-to-use!

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