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Our Products

The beauty of Turkish towels is versatility. Each product can be used interchangeably depending on your lifestyle needs. However each product has unique qualities that will make them best suited for specific purposes in your home.

BATH TOWELSOur favored bath towels are plush with multiple layers of soft, woven cotton.

Turkish Towels have been globally recognized for their high quality, sustainability, and natural antimicrobial traits. They have the highest absorbency, dry quickly and they are made to not only withstand many washings, but actually become softer over time.

Hospitality experts know the impression a soft, plush towel can make on a guest. Think of your favorite hotel or AirBNB you've stayed in--it's the special attention to detail that adds such a memorable touch to the experience.

It's easy to recreate that same feeling at home. Your favorite towels can be a your every day or your own special touch for when you have guests over your home.

Our customers favorites are the Istanbul, Aztec, and Tribal.


THROW BLANKETSThrow blanket by fireplaceThrow blankets are by far our most versatile products.

In home decor, their light weight and low-maintenance care make them an easy way to create a cozy moment, refresh seasonal decor, and reflect your personal style. They are excellent as blankets for the foot of your bed, folded over a sofa, or draped on your favorite reading chair.

Songul on Seed of Life Turkish towel on the beach

For a lifestyle on the go, almost all of our throws are great to have on hand as picnic or beach blankets. They can even double as an easy wrap or shawl in chilly evenings!

For this reason, throws are our most popular items to be gifted for decor enthusiasts, new homeowners, and growing families.

We always love seeing the unique ways our customers have used our products. Be sure to tag us on your travels @turkanhome on Instagram.